Online Microsoft Word 2007 course course outline

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Getting familiar with Microsoft Word 2007
Starting Microsoft Word 2007
Office button
Title bar
Quick access toolbar
Tabs, groups and commands
Mini toolbar
Scrollbars, ruler and status bar
Using Word help
Creating a new document
Create a new document
Entering text
Moving the text insertion point
Saving a document
Closing a document
Exit Word
Working with the text
Open a document
Selecting text
Change the font of the text
Change the font size of the text
Change the font colour of the text
Formatting text
Show/hide formatting marks
Selecting text with similar formatting
The clipboard
Deleting text
Drag and drop editing
Undo an action
Redo an action
Changing case of characters
Working with paragraphs
Working with indents
Vertical text alignment – Line spacing
Horizontal text alignment
Using quick styles - Part 1
Working with a document
Using find function - Part 1
Using replace function - Part 1
Spelling and grammar
Check word count
Add Borders and Shading - Part 1
Moving around a document
Moving around a document using thumbnails view
Document views
Zoom in or out of a document
Page break
Adjust page margins
Setting page orientation
Print preview
Printing a document - Part 1
Do more with your documents
Inserting symbols and special characters - Part 1
Word tables - Part 1
Table of contents - Part 1